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Brand new week means spanking new reads.

hott-off-the-pressHot of the Press is a weekly meme where I showcase books that I’m planning to read that due to be published this week. Plus, if I’m fortunate enough to have read the book and already reviewed them courtesy of the advance copies I received; I will also highlight them here. Just in case you need a little help deciding if you want to read it and want prior opinion about it. You are very much welcome to read at my weird reviews. :P

Planning to Read: February 09 –  15

  • Split Second (Pivot Point #2) by Kasie West

It’s a little slow this week, I only have one book that I’m waiting and probably will not read anytime soon. I’m not a big fan of Pivot Point but on the bright side, I actually still remember the story. So that’s a good sign, so yes, I will still read it. :happy:

Read & Reviewed:


Didn’t like this book; I pretty much just flew through it because it was little—I’m not sure what term to use but kind of sounded childish? *shrugs*


How was your week, guys? Any news you would like to share? Eyeing new releases, too, care to share it with me? :YAY:

2014 / 02 / 09

4 Responses to Week 07. Hot Off the Press

  1. shellyzev says:

    Yay for Split Second! I’m excited for it but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a copy soon (my book buying has gone off the rails). I’ve heard iffy things about All That Glows so I’m not too surprised about your rating. Thanks for sharing and have another great week! :D

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Lift that book buying ban LOL. I really didn’t like it, I couldn’t even write a proper review. Not really terrible but just meh.

      Thanks Shelly, have a great week, too. :D

  2. Hope you like Split Second :D I really liked it although unfortunately I don’t get the complete love for the series so I’m not really head over heels for it but it’s not a bad series.

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