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 Unmistakable by Lauren Abrams Author: Lauren Abrams
Series: (Unmistakable #1)
Published: December 18th 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Categories: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
External Links: Book DepositoryGoodreads

Summary: I hate him. I hate his stupid, laughing eyes, and his stupid, magnificent body, and the stupid way he looks at me and takes away all of the not-completely-insane parts of myself. The few I have left.

I hate everything about him, but I can’t ignore the truth lurking underneath the haze of my anger, beating its unmistakable rhythm: I want to stand in his fire. I want to be consumed.

After a tragic crime leaves her physically and emotionally damaged, eighteen-year-old Stella Granger struggles to come to terms with the collapse of her idyllic life. Desperate for anonymity, she escapes to Greenview College, exchanging charity balls and pastel cardigans for frat parties and black leather boots.

Three years later, she’s finally managed to put the pieces of herself back together. Holden Evans, her absurdly handsome psychology professor, might be the most annoying person she’s ever met, but he’s a welcome distraction. In fact, Stella can almost forget that Luke Dixon, her brother’s best friend and the man who saved her life, ever existed.

Luke, the rebellious son of a British billionaire, hasn’t forgotten about her. When a chance meeting threatens to unearth long-suppressed secrets and desires, the battle lines are drawn.

The universe may have conspired to bring them together, but Stella’s gotten pretty sick of near-death experiences and she doesn’t want to play Luke’s treacherous games.

However, she may have underestimated one tiny truth—need beats want. Every single time.

Review: Before I start let me get this thing out of my chest: I really, really dislike the cover (it’s the graphic designer in me, sorry). It’s already proven that part of purchase decision of a consumer relies on aesthetic appeal. Or at least that’s my professor in Consumer Psychology told us. Anyway, I don’t like the cover it doesn’t give justice to what’s inside of it: a very interesting story. I don’t have high expectation when it comes to NA these days. They tend to be very repetitive. But this one, sure, here’s another story of a broken girl; broken by a traumatic past. And there’s a guy who scared as hell to commit because of a promise he made to his good friend. And there’s another guy who is too good to be true—but he is her teacher. Oh no! A forbidden affair you say? Nope, this is not teacher-student love affair. Technically is not. But that aside I liked what’ve just read! Unmistakable by Lauren Abrams is a well-written story.

I really liked Holden (the professor). He sounds so nice although things just went too fast to me. Although I do get why he was interested from the get-go. Stella was sarcastic, whiny girl. Am I annoyed? Sometimes, especially on how she dealt with Luke—the love of her life; who happened to be her TA in Holden’s class. The details of the story were delivered gradually. At first I was wondering what made her flipped the living daylights out of her when she found out that Luke was her TA. Then enter flashback from three years ago. Luke and her brother, Jack were best of friends. And Luke made a promise to Jack. I have you know that little detail was told at the very end so if you’re asking why Luke was being a huge pain in the ass majority of the time; it was because of that.

“Don’t settle for mediocrity, Stella. Let love be a magnificent victory or a magnificent defeat. There’s no in between when it comes to losing yourself, body and soul, to another person.” — Holden

I really liked her time with Holden. I liked their airplane ride and on how these ghosts from their past were still hunting them. I liked how they open up to each other. And with that peeps, yes, I prefer the yummy professor. Stella, however, was not. She was very firm on whom she really likes. If you think about it, it’s really unfair for both of them to force her feelings for him. There were no fireworks as she described between her and Holden. As in Zero, zilch, nada. (But I do believe they have chemistry. But that’s just me.).

There’s no insta-love here. Knowing the guy she likes eliminates that dreaded factor. The major problem with me it wasn’t smooth pacing for me. Holding back the details and then sprouting them every now and then didn’t do it for me. But if I overlooked that, I can adamantly say that it is a good book. Can’t wait to read Holden’s story—to know answers to his airplane questions. And to know who this magical girl he was talking about.

Preview Quote: “When you’re on an airplane, you ask yourself questions that you wouldn’t normally even think of. Clinically, it has something to do with the fact that you’re neither here nor there, but somewhere in between reality and the sky. But instead of asking ourselves those things, we’d be asking each other, and I’m not sure if I want you to know the answers to my airplane questions.”– Holden

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