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  • 2017 / 04 / 02

    What’s On My Reading List?

    I didn’t read a lot of manga last month (at least not the usual)! But that didn’t mean my read-list had minimized; no, no, people, it did not! I followed couple of new webtoons after (again) I installed a new app on my phone that only lead to me submerging more into reading! Gotta say reading makes me happy so why not! What’s On My Reading List! is an in-house regular feature here on Rainy Ink where I present you—

  • 2017 / 03 / 31

    March in a Nutshell~!

    I don’t like how fast the days go by! I really don’t! Summer is quickly approaching (thankfully it isn’t unbearably hot like last year but afternoons get warmer) and well, it’s April and I’m still way behind my yearly goal (which kinda personal so I’m keeping it to myself~). I have procrastinated heavily this month! But I guess I did some productive things here and there. Like I cleaned up my blogs pages and formatted them neatly (remove some things—

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