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  • 2017 / 02 / 14

    Favorite Love Triangles!

    First Happy Single Awareness Day, er Happy Valentine’s Day!  We’re gonna talk about my love (and hate) with love triangles! But mostly love! You ask: is that even possible, you love the three people in the love triangle? Why of course! I don’t hide the fact that I love the drama brought by love triangle. I know A LOT of people are put off by this romantic device. But not me! This rare breed is actually like the drama it elicits in the story! Although I must say that I—

  • 2014 / 02 / 13

    Bookish Verbosity: Why do I like love triangle?

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I decided that the most appropriate topic for discussion is anything to do with lurve. And since I was asked about this before, might as well answer it now: why do I like ‘love triangle?’ Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community. Love triangle. Ah, the complicated, overly used device in the YA genre…or in any form of entertainment medium. It stirs the drama while fans fight tooth—

  • 2013 / 12 / 20

    Special: Project Sixty-Two (D-46)

    Hi, welcome again to Project 62 aka ‘Warner Centric Countdown to Ignite Me.’ This week I’m baring it all. I’ll give you my very lengthy reason on why I love this couple (rather too much). I poured my heart and soul in here. I might have touch a very sensitive topic (*coughs* Adam *coughs*) but I bear no ill intention, just stating the fact. So sorry for the fangirling, but I love them too much, and I just needed it out in the open. So here it goes, my short—

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