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 Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) by Wendy Higgins Author: Wendy Higgins
Series: (The Sweet Trilogy #2)
Published: April 30th 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
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Summary: Anna Whitt, the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, promised herself she’d never do the work of her father—polluting souls. She’d been naive to make such a vow. She’d been naive about a lot of things.

Haunted by demon whisperers, Anna does whatever she can to survive, even if it means embracing her dark side and earning an unwanted reputation as her school’s party girl. Her life has never looked more bleak. And all the while there’s Kaidan Rowe, son of the Duke of Lust, plaguing her heart and mind.

When an unexpected lost message from the angels surfaces, Anna finds herself traveling the globe with Kopano, son of Wrath, in an attempt to gain support of fellow Nephilim and give them hope for the first time. It soon becomes clear that whatever freedoms Anna and the rest of the Neph are hoping to win will not be gained without a fight. Until then, Anna and Kaidan must put aside the issues between them, overcome the steamiest of temptations yet, and face the ultimate question: is loving someone worth risking their life?

Review: I’m little sad that majority of the time Kaidan and Anna were not together. I know that Kopano is good guy and all that, but my loyalty firmly lies with Kai. Anyways, this book is amazing. I liked how it showed the growth of our heroine, Anna. And when they reunited, yep, yep, sparks flew all over the place.

Anna must convince everyone that she’s different. She became this party girl, far from what people thought of her. But all of these acts were just façade. But that’s not the only thing on her plate right now. And there’s this prophecy that might involve her. Now she’s must travel the world and convince fellow nephilims to support her.

What I really liked about this book is that Anna’s no longer this meek, innocent girl that she was in the first book. You can definitely see the development of her character. She owed everything that was thrown at her and she knew how to face them head on. Of course, one thing that is still in there is her feelings for Kaidan. Oh Kaidan, you got me weak at the knees. He just so wonderfully and sinfully hot. I can understand all his indifference to Anna at the beginning. He was doing it all for her. He was fighting his feelings for her. But later on he told Anna the reason why. Besides, if the prologue is any indication of things to happen. It just shows that perhaps the relationship between two nephilims is doomed from the very start. But I’m firmly optimistic, I know they’ll find a way to be together. (they have too!)

I also liked Kopano and I applauded the guy. (Although I liked Blake, too, not because of his Filipino heritage, lol. But that surely counts!). Kopane has the will strong as steel. But my heart is faithful to Kaidan. And while they seemed good together, I liked that author didn’t play this love triangle angle a lot. She knows who she really wants. And that is Kaidan. Kaidan, too, did things for Anna. He was doing a bad job at his nephilim work much to the dismay of his father. But this decision was hugely influenced by his feelings for her. I liked that it wasn’t shallow type of romance. So I definitely approved of this development.

I can’t wait to read the last book. I’m so sad every time I think about it. But I liked how the author set things up for an explosive finale. Gaaah, I wonder what‘s going to happen. I definitely needed the third book right away.

Preview Quote: “I was more myself with you during those three days than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life. It’d be easier if I could be fake with you, but you bring out everything in me, little Ann. All of it.”– Kaidan

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