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Hi everyone, welcome to PROJECT SIXTY-TWO also known as ‘Warner Centric Countdown to Ignite Me.’ I’m officially on week 7, you guys. Can you believe it? I’ve been doing this for seven weeks and now that the release date is just around the corner, the interwebs are now clueing us in on what might happen in the third and final book of the Shatter Me series. Anyways, first, to all Filipino fans out there, if you haven’t heard (which I doubt), Tahereh Mafi (along with her husband, Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) & asdfghjkl;; Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky) are coming to the Philippines in April. So yeah, buy the books; prepare your fangirl hearts because it’s going to be an awesome book signing.

I digress, let’s go back to my pet project, there were tons of hints floating around the web that I can’t help formulating theories on what’s going to happen. Thanks to Nuzaifa of Say It with Books, for telling me about the awesome Ignite Me related tweets last Sunday by Ms. Mafi herself. If you missed it, Tahereh Mafi tweeted photos from the pages (seven pages!) of Ignite Me. So head over to her twitter account to see it. They were awesome, you guys.  :cool:

Also Kirkus (thanks Ginny for alerting me) already posted their review of Ignite Me. It seemed that it wasn’t really that positive review (which I really don’t mind). Even though it was short, it was kind of spoilery for me. Today I was supposed to talk about theories, so reading that review cemented some of mine. Today, I’ll talk about what I think might happen. All thanks to that brief review. I’m putting it under a cut just in case you don’t want to get yourself spoiled. Ok, ready, by the way the photo of the entire series courtesy of Epic Reads.

The complete #ShatterMe collection by @taherehmafi. — Epic Reads

Clue me in: Things “I think” will happen in Ignite Me

Clue No. 1: More Romance.

I believe and from what I read from the review, there’s more room for the romance. In fact, here I quote “Fighting an oppressive regime is an afterthought.” Just an afterthought. I’m both happy and sad if it’s true. I loved the romance aspect, obviously with my shipping and all. But I’m also eager to see how Juliette matured after everything that has happened to her. If the photos were an indication that Juliette will not hold things anymore and will now fight back, then I’m slight disappointed. But…the romance…? I freaking shipping it so in a way I’m really happy.

I’m thoroughly conflicted. >.<

Clue No. 2: Juliette will get reunited with Omega Point survivor a bit early.

I’m happy if it happens. The sooner they are together the faster they can act on their plans. Plus, Adam? You know the other side of this love triangle; which will bring me to—

Clue No.3: Adam is not the end game.

I’m relieved glad to know that if that’s true. Because from the looks of it Adam isn’t all too happy to see Juliette. And since I haven’t read and just guessing based on the early review, maybe there was a reason why he was acting that way. Maybe he sees her with  Warner and notices that they are now closer and acted like a jerk because of jealousy (just a crackpot theory, ok?). Or he had already moved on (another theory). But because it is too early to tell, I’m giving the dude the benefit of the doubt.

Clue No.4: Bromance.

Oh no, I’m not shipping them. I just really love to see some sibling relationship between Adam and Warner. They’re brothers and I want to see them work together as a team. I know they want to kill the other (violently I may add), but I hope they set it aside and work together since they have one goal (to take down their father). It would be nice to see them civil as opposed to killing each other, right?

Clue No.5: Team Warner will prevail?

I don’t want to really jinx it but there’s a huge possibility that is gonna happen unless the review is playing with my mind. But I really feel that he’s the end game. I mean he already poured his gut out to Juliette and clean his name by explaining his previous actions.


My sister pointed out that Shatter Me is not really about the bigger world. It’s actually about Juliette. Her journey throughout. It’s not the situation, it is what she’s going to do in the situation and how it’s gonna affect her. Which I think is a very clever observation (for my sister that is…*offer a peace sign* I know she’s reading this, she’s my stalker).

2014 / 01 / 18

2 Responses to Special: Project 62 (D-17)

  1. ZOMG. I love all these clues!!! And I’m so glad that though it wasn’t a very positive review on Kirkus (I read it too, as soon as you mentioned it ;) ), that there’s some hint that it’s gonna be Warnerrrrr!!!! I’m sure you’re really happy ;) And it’s cute that you’re sister is reading this, haha xD She put it right too, about it being Juliette’s personal journey! :)
    Thanks for sharing Mitchii!! <33 (and yes, I'm back!!)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think all clues point to Warner so I’m feeling positive about it. Regardless of the result, I’ll still go with my ship. <3

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