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In which Mitchii gives another reread centric post for you to enjoy!

I’ve mentioned this over and over that you guys are probs sick of it. But lemme say it again: I’m huge advocate of rereading. There’s something really fun and productive (in a way) to read a series that you immensely loved. Knowing things prior is never a hindrance to enjoy it. In fact knowing things ahead kinda make me excited. Sometimes when you just read mediocre series after mediocre series you feel so fed-up & curse everything. But rereading reignites the passion! 10

I admit that not all my favorites are worth the reread. Sometimes even if I loved it the first try I don’t feel like rereading it anymore. But for some, savoring it from time to time refreshes your love with it. The feeling of falling in love with the series—reminds you why you are so in love with it thus make rereading worthwhile. 9 And today I share you some of my reread manga series of all time. (Disclaimer: these are completed or finished series already, I do occasionally reread ongoing series (because waiting sucks and need more of it hence reread but I opt to make a list of finished series instead, for consistency sake! Also not the entire list—I have few more in my chest box LOL)


* Hapi Mari: Happy Marriage!? – 「はぴまり ~Happy Marriage!?~」 Enjouji Maki is my go-to josei author. I think I’ve read nearly every series she released (even the anthologies), and I’m currently reading her newest ongoing series called Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomade mo (as seen here). But among all the series she made, Hapi Mari is my favorite! Let me tell you this, Mitchii is easy to please. Sometimes all she needs is some rabu-rabu fluff and gorgeous 2D guys and she’s all set! Enjouji Maki’s works is like that! 13 I like some adult romance series from time to time and to me Hapi Mari is the most basic of them to me. And the simplicity made it so easily re-readable!

Hirunaka no Ryuusei – 「ひるなかの流星」 Of course, I have to include this. I rooted hard for Mamura and knowing that they end up together the bumps on the road were just that—bumps on the road. No seriously, I think the end game did affect the rereading value but I must say Hirunaka no Ryuusei was one the shoujo series I fell in love so hard (SO HARD!!!) 2 after my 4 years anime/manga hiatus. It is in my hall famer so savoring all THE “mazume” moments again and again is not a surprise!

Koi dano Ai dano – 「恋だの愛だの」 I read this so many times I think I’ve memorized some of the dialogues already. I just loved the whole cast of this manga series. It’s one of those different feel type of shoujo series. I’m so fed-up with ditzy, super naïve shoujo heroines so Nadeoko’s was sure a breath of fresh air. And for once let the ikemen know his place. You need to earn her affection—and oh boy did Tsubaki did all of that! It’s so fun rereading this!

ラブ ソー ライフ
ラブ ソー ライフ

Love So Life – 「ラブ ソー ライフ」 Ah~ beautiful children, a super kind young lady, and hot uncle! Like an arrow straight to my fangirl’s heart! But more than that what I so loved about Love So Life is its feel good kind of vibe that whenever feel like remembering the goodness of humanity LOL I just go and reread this. Everything about this series was so good! And consuming the too-good-for-this-world feels of this series once will never be enough. So reread I do from time to time!

Mune ga Naru no wa Kimi no Sei – 「胸が鳴るのは君のせい」 A confession: I have some sort of hate towards Ao Haru Ride. I watched it. Read it. But I’m still pissed on how the story went on. I find the relationship too shallow and undeveloped. The MC dude was so wishy-washy and by the time he grew some balls the girl had BF already. But bcos both of them were too UGH! 6 they still ended together. In some ways Mune ga Naru no wa Kimi no Sei had the same feel as AHR but all the flaws I saw there were improved in Mune ga. At least the boy here made a stand and finally pursued her before it was too late. Plus the art is kinda similar too, yeah? I’m up for second chances but you must work hard for it; and this is what I liked about it!

Ouran Koukou Host Club – 「桜蘭高校ホスト部」 Come one, do I really? Like do I really need to tell you why? I loved Ouran! I laughed so hard. Swoon so hard. And laughed some more. Something I need to feel from time to time!


Saijou no Meii – 「最上の命医」 This is a medical manga and I don’t mind. Despite the humongous amount of jargon I still managed to enjoy it a whole lot. I don’t mind terminologies and stuff (my undergraduate degree is pre-med anyways) somehow I enjoy learning a bit of it. But Saijou no Meii dedication to its theme is remarkable (something I highly admire with Hashiguchi-sensei’s works! One hit wonderer??!! Research baby, research!) the story about a genius, dedicated and caring doctor is just mind blowing. The cases were super detailed! I loved it! I loved it! 17

Stardust Wink – 「スターダスト・ウインク」 Haruta Nana had hurt me every time (I hate her love triangles because she always makes me fall in love the second guy! Tsubasa to Hotaru notwithstanding!) but even though I know how this ended I still ended up rereading it because idk I just want to! I’m a masochist *sobs* There was something so likeable despite the outcome. I totally enjoyed it overall regardless of what has happened to my ship! 14


The Breaker: New Waves – 「브레이커NW」 After I read this I reread it immediately. In fact took many weeks before I got over it. And sometimes I reread my favorite part of the series! I really loved it! To make this short, here read my rec post about it!

*Venus wa Kataomoi – 「ビーナスは片想い」 the most interesting love triangle I had the pleasure of reading. Two guys, one girl but it turned out the guy#1 liked guy#2! So that made guy#1 and girl rivals in love! But as the story progressed they became super close friends and ended up falling in love! I love the transition of their relationship: it was gradual, steady, and solid! Something I don’t normally read nowadays (everyone is rushing everything). I loved that that the setting was in college so they were mature! Seriously I loved this series! 19 It was really light & fun read!

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