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Author: Cayla Kluver
Series: (Heirs of Chrior #1)
Published: January 28th 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: High Fantasy, Young Adult
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Summary: Magic was seeping out of me, black and agonizing. I could see it drifting away. The magic that would let me pass the Road to reach home again.

When sixteen-year-old Anya learns that her aunt, Queen of the Faerie Kingdom of Chrior, will soon die, her grief is equalled only by her despair for the future of the kingdom. Her young cousin, Illumina, is unfit to rule, and Anya is determined not to take up the queen’s mantle herself.

Convinced that the only solution is to find Prince Zabriel, who long ago disappeared into the human realm of Warckum, and persuade him to take up his rightful crown, Anya journeys into the Warckum Territory to bring him home. But her journey is doomed to be more harrowing than she ever could have imagined.

Review: I heard that if I liked Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass I would also like this. Regrettably the same cannot be said to Cayla Kluver’s The Queen’s Choice. Sure, they have few similarities but it doesn’t have the same charisma as the novel it was being compared to. Having said that I didn’t regret reading it and amid the developing boredom I did find myself enjoying some bits, though majority of the time I was purely bored.

The Queen’s about to die and they need a successor to the throne. Anya thinks that Prince Zabriel is the one fitted to the role. However the man is nowhere to be found and she must find her first. But he’s not the only one though, another candidate, Illumina her young cousin is an heir, too. But she thinks that she’s not capable to rule because of her issues and her age. While pursuing Zabriel she got herself entangled more on the affairs of human and fae.

I thought Prince Zabriel was the love interest. I didn’t imagine that he was related to her (haha, my bad). But no worries guys there’s a love interest and I even think it is molding into a love triangle. Or at least that’s what I perceived after the events that happened as the story progressed. The romance definitely taken the backseat which made me conflicted whether I liked it or not. I like some romance in my reading even though sometimes they’re ridiculous at one point but it makes it more entertaining to me. But they not all too interesting. So yeah, that’s a bit of a problem there.

There were times that I liked Anya but most of the time I’m bit fed up on her decisions and actions. But she’s not really bad, she’s too plain but highly tolerable. So yes, she’s bit inconsistent to me. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t hate the little cousin all that much. Sure, she’s a bit immature to ascend to the throne. And maybe her issues could interfere but I don’t know I feel like she’s capable of more, or am I being too lenient? I really found the matter unfair for her for some reason. There was a reason why she acted that way anyway. And Zabriel? He was alright, a bit interesting. I liked that he has his own opinion on the issue but there was an obvious reluctance on his part and I can understand why he felt that way.

This was a long read. Like really wrong. I thought it will never end. And you don’t know how relieved I was when I finally hit the last page. I’m on the fence whether I’ll continue or not. I’m not sure if those entertaining bits that I liked were enough motivation to carry on. But we will see.

Format: Advance Reader’s Copy
Preview Quote: “I had no choice in the matter. Surviving something that’s forced on you doesn’t take bravery. It just takes willpower.” — Anya

2014 / 02 / 09

2 Responses to Review: The Queen’s Choice

  1. I’ve just started this book, but so far I wouldn’t compare it with Throne of glass either.. It doesn’t have the same appeal to me. It’s a bit frightening how many pages I have to go :p

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