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 Love Reborn (Dead Beautiful #3) by Yvonne WoonAuthor: Yvonne Woon
Series: (Dead Beautiful #3)
Published: January 7th 2014
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
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Summary: Renée and Dante are dying. The soul they share cannot sustain them both, and they’re quickly running out of time.

But Renée has in her possession a legendary chest said to contain the secret to eternal life-if only they could solve the clues that lie within it. With both the Liberum, a Brotherhood of the Undead, and a team of Monitors, led by Renée’s own grandfather, in hot pursuit, Renée and Dante must keep the chest safe or risk having it fall into the wrong hands.

With the help of a mysterious letter-writer called only Monsieur, Renée and Dante follow a series of clues that lead them on a treacherous journey across Europe. They seek the Netherworld, a legendary chasm where souls go to be cleansed. It’s their only chance at a fresh start, but with it comes a terrible choice, one they never imagined they would be forced to make.

The third novel in the acclaimed Dead Beautiful series is a haunting story of sacrifice, loyalty, and a love that can never die.

Review: I’ve waited and waited to read Love Reborn, and finally it’s here. But after reading it, I’m on the fence, you guys. On the other hand, I’m happy on how it ended. I’m really happy for Renee and Dante. On the other, I’m feel it’s too squeaky clean to me. So you see, I’m torn here, definitely torn.

In the first two books we found out that Renee and Dante are sharing one soul. Dante is so close to withering away and they were running out of time. Remember Anya from the second book? Along with Theo, they were here helping Renee find the answers. But they need to work fast because not only the undead are after them. Her grandfather is also looking for Dante. After what has happened to the headmistress of Gottfried Academy, he had put the blame on Dante. He’s been adamant to hunt him down ever since. But they’re not cowering down, not now that they have a way to have their soul cleanse and start again. Is this the answer they’ve been looking for all this time?

I read the second book, Life Eternal, quite a long time. Anyhoo, some of the details a bit fuzzy to me (which I blame for the ARC I received & the released date being pushed much later), but I’m glad I still remember some of it. I might reread this series later. Now back to the story, there so many things had happened here, so much that I sort of panicked when there were few pages left and I felt that the resolution was nowhere near clear to me. I kinda think that the conclusion was sort fast to me. It’s just there’s so many things that Renee and Dante encountered and it was for me too quick to resolve.

I empathized with Dante in the second book. I feel sorry for him and his situation. I really liked him for Renee. He was selfless in a way that he rather live undead than take something that it is equally valuable to him as to Renee. And at the same time I admired his determination to protect her and find a way for them to be together. But it was kinda hard for him here with his time running out and he’s started to get weaker and weaker by the day.

I liked Renee but I wasn’t super impressed with her this time. Noah, on the other hand…oh my gosh, he was back. I was so relieved to know he was back. But I was sad after I learned what he needed to endure. Like Dante, he’s very dedicated to Renee. I cannot forget what he had said to Renee. What he had to sacrifice in order to keep her safe. And with that I became uncertain between him and Dante (who is now my favorite guy because I know Renee will always choose Dante).

So the ending? A bit vague but sure it was happy. All it took was a look in his eyes and everything returned to her.  Like I said in the beginning I liked it because they both deserved it (I mean after everything, they earned it). On the other hand, it wasn’t memorable to me. Yep, still torn about it.

Preview Quote: “Dante never asked me to give up my life for him. I wanted to. Without him, there’s nothing here for me,” I said, my voice cracking. “He is my life.” – Renee

2014 / 01 / 18

6 Responses to Review: Love Reborn

  1. I was pretty interested to pick this one or request it, but I ended up not doing it D: Maybe I should start with the series first; it looks pretty interesting! :D And I’m glad you enjoyed it, though you’re pretty torn on both sides :) The way that the soul mates concept was brought around sounds pretty interesting!! Instead of the generic lovey-dovey kind of soul mates, if you know what I mean ;) That’s overused already!
    Fantastic review, Mitchii!! <33 As always ;)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I really liked this series and that says a lot bcos I’m not huge zombie fan. But this one is very different from the others and I liked the Latin integration in the story. And yeah, they’re soul mates, literally, soul mates. I hope you’ll try it. I really rec it. :D

  2. Lizzie Ford says:

    I think I’ll give the series a read, sounds pretty interesting! Glad you liked it but shame about the squeaky clean ending, I sometimes feel like authors have a habit of chickening out towards the end… maybe it’s just because I’ve been reading a lot of gothic stories lately for my English coursework O.e Lovely post! L xo

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I really, really liked the first two books. I liked this one, too but it tied the lose ends quite nicely. I don’t know I wish it was different but at the same time I liked it bcos I really want them to have that kind of ending.

      Glad you’ll try it Lizzie. :D

  3. Anna Nuttall says:

    Hi I just found this blog and it really cute <3

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