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I think I accomplished my goals for this year. I did attend some bookish events. I definitely read more (I even outdid my previous record). And I also have new e-reader (I even got two now). So for 2104 I’m thinking of the same goals to achieve. I’m not really much of a well-planned person and I tend to go with the flow instead of planning way ahead, I will still keep my groove, the way I like it. So that being said here are my blogging resolutions for 2014:


1. Read More – Same last year, I want to read more. If I could beat my record of 260+ for this year would be better. But like every year I will always start with 100 books. That’s always been my target. I’m using GR challenge again, it’s my fourth year of doing this thing and it’s always give me the satisfied feeling whenever I see my badge and it says I completed the challenge.


2. Blog More – I love writing reviews that will never change. But I guess I can see now the fuss on non-review content in blogs. It gives your blog some personal touch and makes you stand out from the crowd (although that isn’t my objective). Like I said, I love writing my opinion on bookish topics and read what people think of it.


3. Try Classic Book – I failed this one for this year. I didn’t read any classic book. It’s not my comfort zone. I tend to get confused whenever I’m reading one. I’m uneasy with the language (since you know, it’s old therefore the language is, well, old, too). But I’ll try yet again. At least one. I need to read at least one.


4. Attend Bookish Event – I’m not sure about attending every book signing will happen (or any bookish event that will take place) particularly if I’m not a fan of the book/author. I just don’t see the purpose but I will try to attend for my favorite authors. (Gayle Foreman has signing event but I’m still unsure with the schedule and all. But let’s see.)


5. New bookish Friends – I’m shy. I’m really, really shy. Both online and offline. I’m so terrified to approach bloggers. But I’ll try to be friendly and approachable. Some people think I’m snob because I rarely talk but it wasn’t that I’m just terribly shy. So yeah, I will try to open up to others.


6. Enjoy! – Well, I do enjoy this, still, if it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t been doing this for such a long time. And now it’s even more fun with all the bookish folks I’m happily acquainted with.

So I think that’s my goal. I’m now about to enter my fourth year of blogging! Is it exciting, you guys. I hope I can achieve those. It’s very general so I think I can do it.

How about you what are your Blogging Resolution, care to share it with me!

2013 / 12 / 29

16 Responses to My Bookish Goals for 2014

  1. I like reading so much…and I have been making a list of all the books that I want to read this year. But I know I don’t have time, since whenever I read it’s academic reading I do. Sad. :(

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s understandable Rebecca, your studies is very important and should be your priority, but I hope you’ll find the time to read. Thanks for dropping by. <3

  2. soulunsung says:

    I definitely want to make new bookish friends both online and off, as well. So, I really like that you have that goal, I’ve been lacking with keeping up with commenting on other’s blogs and so in the New Year for part of my goals, I was definitely going to make it a point to do that. Plus, I think I’m going to start lower with my Goodreads Reading Challenge for next year and then once I meet each interval, move it up a notch higher, so it doesn’t feel so daunting to me.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s really great to hear. I wanted to have more bookish friends bcos I realized it doubles the excitement and fun that comes from reading and blogging. I’m happy that you also think that way. I hope we can achieve it this coming year. :)

      I always start with 100 and whenever I come near it, I just add 10 or more. It’s nice that you have a realistic approach to the challenge, as much as we love to read more, we still have plenty of things in our hands. :) Thanks Soulunsung. :)

  3. Number 6 is the most important part, but I also look forward to 2. It’s fun to get to know a blogger better :)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yeah, I agree, we can achieve everything on list as long we enjoy what we do. Haha, I’m trying but with my timid nature I think it will take a while. ;)

  4. Stephanie R says:

    I’m shy in making blogger friends too. Everyone seems to talk together on Twitter and I just tweet blog updates :/ My goal for 2014 is to tweet on Twitter more and maybe even respond to other blogger’s tweets to start conversations. Gosh I’m nervous about that haha =)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know, I also felt that way, like they have some inside joke that i don’t get. I’m really shy to add myself in the conversation, thinking I’m just stranger.

      That’s great Stephanie, I’m nervous, too, but we need to put ourselves out there so we can meet other blogger and hopefully become friends with them. It’s an exciting goal! :D

  5. Shannelle C. says:

    I think you’re making more friends now this year! :D And your blog’s definitely going to explode once you plaster your designs everywhere. (And I die of jealousy a little bit every time.)

    And I just noticed that you’re using Feedcat. Is it any good? Is the number it displays actually the number of people who had subscribed?

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Aw, you’re too sweet Shannelle. I’m trying to put up my portfolio hopefully by next month. Don’t be, I think everyone has creative side, only it needs some exploring.

      I’m not sure, I just pasted the code never bothered to analyze it. I wanted some alternative for Feedburner (I really hate jetpack for WP is sort of freezes my blog), and this one comes up next (that is free) :D

  6. I hope you will achieve all your goals for 2014, Mitchii! :) I feel really grateful to have you as my friend, and I know you will definitely make more bookish friends too! (You’re an awesome soul)
    I don’t think you should change the way you blog! I love reading every single review you write, and I always want to find the time to comment on each and every one of them, though I don’t have the time :( Sorry ><
    And I hope your design business will soar too!! I'll definitely keep promoting you as a designer ;)
    Happy 2014 Mitchii!! <33

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Aw, you’re so sweet Emily. I’m trying to put myself out there although it still comes with uneasiness. No worries, we have lots of things in our hands, I really don’t expect people comment on every single things that I post but it warms my heart that you thought that way. >///<

      I really hope so, it's really fun to design for other people (although a bit nervous, still). Happy 2014 to you, too.

  7. Emma Coxy says:

    I love reading and have only recently thought about reviewing books. I also plan to read more and blog more in 2014.

    Happy New Year

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love your Adventure Time gifs so much!! I really need to sit down and watch the episodes instead of just seeing the sporadic few I’ve seen. All your goals seem pretty feasible, so I’m sure you’re going to accomplish them (even the classic book one!)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Oh you should, it’s super fun. My niece loves these CN shows and when I baby sit I ended up watching them, so the result is, well, that. LMAO. Hopefully, I’m slacking already and it is just the start of the year! *facepalm*

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