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Whoah, like WHOAH! It’s December already, the last month of 2014! Seriously time why are flying so fast?! Hold up the speed! Geez! Anyway, time to do some monthly wrap-up. Like last month I still haven’t read anything. I did try…ok, not so much as trying but I download a few galleys on EW and I was trying (operative word, trying) to read but I got distracted. Also, was supposed to post this last night but my migraine strike again so I slept like a log to recuperate. ;D Now, let’s get down to business, here’s a rundown of what happened last month:

November in a nutshell:


Other fandoms, passion & whatnots:

  • I’m fickle-minded so I put my portfolio site, Just Peach! on maintenance because I’m trying to design a new layout. I really don’t like how the first one turned out. I already trashed, like, three designs. I’m really hard on myself but ugh, nothing works for me! *grumbles*
  • Site related, I just designed Georgie’s What She Reads blog. It was the one of easiest (by far my favorite!) designs I ever done because I was so inspired by her beautiful logo, inspiration just went into me!
  • One of my favorite manga, Naruto, just ended. That’s 10 years of following the series (ok, maybe I lied low for 3 ½ years, still that was long!). When I saw all the tributes to the ending, it felt like my teen years just flashed before me. *goosebumps*

So I turn over to you beautiful peeps; how’s November?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!

2014 / 12 / 02

10 Responses to It’s the monthly wrap-up again, yo~!

  1. I love the new design from What she reads, great job :)

  2. I cannot wait to see your new design for Just Peach! I know that once you settle on one, it will be perfect (although I loved the original one, too!).

    I saw Georgie’s new design, and it is so gorgeous! I love seeing your work around the blogosphere, Mitchii :D

    Oh my goodness, it must have been sad to have Naruto end D: Especially when you’ve been invested in it for so long.

    I cannot believe it is December, either. I swear it was January a week ago.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Struggling with the new design, I can’t seem to satisfy myself! T.T And thank you, it really humbling to be asked to design someone’s blog. Still amazes me every time!

      I was so invested on it, so it’s kinda teary when it ended!

      I know! Maybe it was really just January. LOL ;D

  3. Megan says:

    Ugh, I know, this year really went by quick. I still can’t believe it, but we have our Christmas tree up now and in less than thirty days 2014 will officially be over. O_O Feeling a bit nostalgic already, haha!

    Soooo excited for your new Just Peach design! I really liked the old one, but hopefully you’ll be able to settle on one you’re fully happy with soon. :D And eeep, I love Georgie’s design, too! Seriously, girl, how do you manage to create such awesome blogs all the time??

    I haven’t read or watched Naruto, and I don’t plan to, but I know how it feels like to have a favorite manga end. It’s kind of like TG all over again, except that there won’t be a sequel this time…

    November was pretty hectic for me and I wasn’t able to get that much blogging or reading done either. O_O It’s like my book slump isn’t going anywhere! But anyway, here’s to an awesome December, Mitchii! <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      We already have our Christmas tree up last month (as I said we’re pretty excited people). LOL thanks Meg! I’m running out of inspiration right now. Ugh, I can’t decided! T.T

      There’s short spin-off though. Naruto it’s pretty long though, haha. And some arcs were better than the others that was shy I didn’t consistently follow it.

      December be good to us!!! xD

  4. i can’t believe it’s already december! time for peppermint-flavored everything <3 november flew by and was insane. i can already feel the nostalgia coming.. it's nearly twenty-fifteen! (wait, what?!)

    i'm excited for your new design on just peach! regardless, it'll turn out beautiful – like always :-) your graphic designs never fail to impress me.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m sort of anxious every time a new year starts. I really can’t believe 2014 is almost done! >.< EEEEP! thanks Alexandra, here's hoping it'll turn out ok. :D

  5. Ashley says:

    Hah, I redesign my portfolio site all the time. Even when I am happy with it, that feeling only lasts a few weeks and then I’m itching to redesign it all over again. :P

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