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  • 2017 / 03 / 10

    Why taking notes should be part of your blogging routine!

    It is just a simple task; get a paper/notebook and pen (or your phone if you’re like me glued to their phones) and write! Sometimes you’ll get idea from the strangest things (and not just about blogging topics, I also told you how sporadic my design inspiration comes from!)  You always need to be ready when the inspiration sparks. And trust me it sometimes happens in the most inconvenient times so you need to be ready! So why as simple—

  • 2017 / 02 / 11

    When do I write my blog content?

    I told you guys that I finally found my blogging groove and I realized how awesome it is to schedule and write my content beforehand.  I was the impulsive type before and there was nothing wrong with it because in many years it was working fine for me—because how I used to run my blog and my content before allowed that liberty. But now that I moved away from my old self and interest, I decided to changed things up—

  • 2017 / 01 / 09

    Blogger Session: Why changes shouldn’t scare you!

    I’m going to start this post with something ever so cliché: someone said that the only constant in this world is change! And that’s true in every life situation. There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t change! So roll those eyes when your so called friends tell you to “not change.” Haha, /JK only but really, change isn’t specific. It can be for the better or for the worst! But change is necessary, and I understand the apprehension that involves—

  • 2016 / 11 / 14

    Blogger Session: Let me talk about my writing style!

    Blogger Session: Let me talk about my writing style!

    Know this, I’m very laid back kind of person and I want that kind of vibe to reflect on my writing! I don’t want to write professionally on my blog (ugh, that’s too tiring) so the way I write my post is almost the same way if I talk to you in person (well that is if you’re someone I’m comfortable with.  I, in fact, wear a hard to crack social barrier that make me act so awkward & inaudible—

  • 2016 / 10 / 17

    Blogger Session: Some behind the scene & it ain’t complicated!

    Blogger Session: Some behind the scene & it ain’t complicated!

    My blogging routine was never really complex to begin with. And now that I have resorted to scheduling my posts, it became easier than ever! I don’t have to cram to write reviews anymore! I don’t have to read so many books (sometimes by force!), or think of being left behind by my ARCs. I rid of all the things that give me pressure. I read the hell I want! Those old thoughts are not a welcome presence in my—

  • 2016 / 09 / 26

    Blogger Session: Why did I choose English as my blogging medium?!

    Blogger Session: Why did I choose English as my blogging medium?!

    I tend apologize in advance of my highly possible mistakes. I often reason out that English isn’t my mother tongue—which is true btw, it’s not! But the validity of this excuse is starting to wear off! I could just polish my English thoroughly to avoid sounding like a broken record. Sounds logical, right? Right! I’m not totally uncomfortable with English tbqh. I use it casually! It’s hard to converse here without throwing English words or phrases here and there, especially—

  • 2016 / 07 / 20

    Blogger Session: They say I’m unprofessional, so what now?

    Blogger Session: They say I’m unprofessional, so what now?

    The only thing that can come close to organization is my taking notes on things! I’m somewhat fixated on tracking down my progress or plans (or things I’ve already done)! Other than that I’m as casual & as spontaneous as you can get! sorry about handwriting I’m sloppy when I’m the only who read it! I like to pretend that my blog is polished and nice. But the people who frequent my blog know how huge of fangirl I am—

  • 2016 / 06 / 15

    Blogger Session: Keeping myself motivated!

    Blogger Session: Keeping myself motivated!

    Even though sometimes I occasionally hit slumps and the lot, it still has never really occurred to me to leave. I love blogging. I love how it provided me lots of things. Lots of learning that I otherwise will not know if I didn’t step into the world of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shy away on things I don’t like, or eventually dislike. I’m also one of those people who quits once I realize that this and—

  • 2016 / 05 / 13

    Blogger Session:  My little adventures in scheduling!

    Blogger Session: My little adventures in scheduling!

    I take note after I posted not prior (to set things straight)! But I fixed a pattern on what content to publish from entries I’ve already written. I also make “notes to self” for things I want to accomplish within the time period I put upon myself. #iliketochallengemyself By posting this I might be deceiving you poor souls that yours truly is a very organized person. NOOOT! But yes, I’m not as spontaneous as I was few years ago; and—

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