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In which Mitchii tried to be organized, and actually not failed.

This was once a purely bookish blog. I did have a space solely for my otaku needs but maintaining them at once got a toll on me. So I decided to make my life easier and combined them; it was also the reason why I ditched my old domain and blog names to make a room my refurbished blog! But even though I went to a different and brand new direction, accessibility is always a concern of mine. So for easy filtering here are my primary categories!


Anything that under this tag is about reading or being a reader. It could be discussion, reviews and whatnots! View all post here →


For anything weeboo trash animanga related post. I may dish out some recommendations, TL;DR thoughts about my current obsession *coughs Tokyo Ghoul:re coughs*, and some news I think worth posting! View all post here →


For those that are combination of both categories above, features or meme, and sometimes personal posts. Well, just sometimes though! View all post here →


Anything blog related news, I’ll share it under this category. View all post here →


These are features/post that I regularly post either monthly, quarterly or seasonal. It could be anime & manga or general fiction/reader related. Post are tagged accordingly. View all post here →

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? *winks*

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