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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I decided that the most appropriate topic for discussion is anything to do with lurve. And since I was asked about this before, might as well answer it now: why do I like ‘love triangle?’

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community.

Love triangle. Ah, the complicated, overly used device in the YA genre…or in any form of entertainment medium. It stirs the drama while fans fight tooth and nail for their ships. It’s simultaneously fun and frustrating.

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I do like love triangle. It’s so fun to ship on a guy, invest an emotion on him, even though I know there’s this risk that it won’t be a happy ending (I prefer two guys and a girl as opposed to two girls and a guy). But I still go for it. The satisfaction I get whenever my ship sails is just so amazing. But I don’t always crave for love triangle especially if the guy #1 is interesting enough for me. But there’s really a time that guy #2 needs to show up and swoop in the girl from the boringness that is guy #1. Scenario numero dos is always the reason why I want another guy to show up. A great example of it is  Astley of Need series by Carrie Jones. Astley was introduced in *drum roll please* the sequel, Captivate (yes, he is not in the first nor he was mentioned in the first book). I was utterly disappointed with Nick. I was prepared to categorize the series as ‘meh’ and continue reading as an obligation to finish the series. Lo and behold there’s this new guy, Astley. He’s so kind, so gentle and so understanding. He helped Zara saved her boyfriend even though he was in love with her. And as the series progress I got to understand him more and more. And I just know that Astley and Zara should be together.

There were times when I already liked guy #1 and had prepared to ship him with the girl only to get confused when the author decided to give the spotlight to guy #2. And then I realized that he is far better than guy #1. Now I’m torn between them because I liked them both. So it’s a matter of who is more compatible with the girl. An example is Tucker and Christian from Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand. I liked Tucker for Clara at the beginning. They started with something like love and hate relationship. He teased her a lot; he got in her nerves. But when they started to spend a lot of time, Clara realized her feelings for Tucker. And when I thought Christian was out of the picture BAAAAM!!! Christian came back with his glorious vengeance doing all this swoon-worthy stuff to Clara. It was not only Clara that was so confused with the whole scenario. I’m totally conflicted, too. But the end I still go for Christian because he seemed to be more ideal to be with. So my heart still bleeding because of Boundless. *sobs*

But here’s the thing, there’s one kind of love triangle that I’m totally digging. If I think about it is somewhat cruel because not only the boys are rival, they are…related.

Sibling Triangle:

In simple terms, a Love Triangle where two of the parties involved are siblings, who both love (or at least try to “get”) the third party. – Tv Tropes

You can read TV Topes entry for this, you’ll learn a lot. So Sibling Triangle? There are two ships that are involved in a sibling triangle that I am massively attached with.  These ships are my two OTP (One True Paring). They are high in my list of ships (and yes, I ship a lot). One is Tod, Nash and Kaylee from Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent. I need to tell you that this series has 7 books. And I was shipping Tod (who is btw a dead guy) with Kaylee. To be perfectly honest, I was just hoping for a miracle (in Tagalog suntok sa buwan). The odds were not truly on his favor. He loved his brother and he knew he cannot give her the future she deserves. So he was silently loving her in the sidelines. But lo and behold the fandom was increasing and more and more people started to ship them together. He was super awesome guy. Tod’s so adorable, funny, sarcastic, and well, he obviously is hot. So, yeah, what’s not to like? And here we thought that Tod will never get his HEA when suddenly things started to work for him. It took five books to get there. And oh man, the waiting and shipping is totally worth it.

The other sibling triangle that I absolutely adore is Adam, Warner and Juliette from Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I think I’ve said my piece here. So I’m not gonna rehash it anymore. Unlike Tod and Nash, Warner didn’t know that he was related to Adam. But just like Tod and Nash, they are in love with the same woman. But the older brother still got the girl. Yes, yes, Tod and Warner is both the older brother.

Sorry for a lot of digressing and not enough valid argument. But I guess, I just like the drama it brings. It makes the dynamic of the romance aspect  more interesting to me. I don’t need love triangle in every single book I read. But like I said there are occasion when the plot begs for something like it (or more like me begging for another new guy to join the cast). Sometimes, even there already two of them, I still find them lackluster. Proof? The Selection’s Maxon and Aspen. Two equally boring guys but then again America was so boring, so yeah. My sister said she was hoping for a new guy, like the leader of the rebellion (she has wild imagination). But that will turn to Love Square and in my book that’s already a harem. Haha, but that’s another story for another day.

How about you do you also like love triangle? Are there love triangles that you find effective? How about sharing it with me?  

2014 / 02 / 13

6 Responses to Bookish Verbosity: Why do I like love triangle?

  1. I’ve read enough love-triangle that I liked, so I wouldn’t say that I hate them. However, I prefer books that have as less romance as possible, so most of the times I don’t care for love-triangles :) But when they work out, they can make a book even more stronger and interesting I agree! Chaol – Celaena – Dorian is one of my favorite examples for a good working love-triangle. I’m a firm Chaol/Celaena shipper, but I wouldn’t mind the other ship either. Or Darkling – Alina – Sturmhond.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I love romance, it’s always part of my checklist. Yes, if it was well-written and not ploy to embellish the plot, it makes it more interesting. And hooray for Chaol/Celaena shipper! Oh Darkling, he was interesting but I’m not really into Greisha series. :D

  2. Hmmm… thinking about it, I do love a good, convincing love triangle! I do love rooting for someone, and if I’m unsatisfied with the current love interest, and someone much better comes in, I’m all like *jazz hands* ASTLEYYYY. He’s the best thing that ever happened in Need xD I love that boy so much <33 But of course, if I get all too invested in my ship, then when it sinks, I normally crawl to a hole and sob away. Like Christian… (why, Clara, why?!) That was so sad and traumatic D: How could she do that to him?! GAH. Bleh. Never mind, I'll keep him to myself ;) But ya know…. I totally agree that I love all the emotions and dynamics that a love triangle brings in, but like you said, if we have a boring love triangle like The Selection… then meh. I wish your sister's dream would come true though!! xD
    Fantastic post, Mitchii!! :3 <33

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yes, he was. I liked Need just fine but it escalated when Astley was introduced and from there I was shipping them together. Oh my, I’m happy it all paid off. It is still painful, even now, how Boundless went. I can’t believe how it played my feelings only to left it broken into tiny jagged pieces.

      It’s probably late for The Selection so it’s going to be choosing the lesser evils. Or in this case, lesser boring???

  3. I could not agree more. I love a good triangle, but there are also times when I want the author to just let the love story be (usually when guy #2 is no where near as good as guy #1). And I also cannot. freaking. stand. sibling triangles. WTF is up with those? Although I wish I had skip over that part of this post since I haven’t finished the Shatter Me series yet :)

    I’m also Team Christian and Team Astley :) Have you read Embrace by Jessica Shirvington? It has one of my favorite triangles of all time.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I love sibling triangles (my guilty pleasure). It add more drama since the rivals are related. I don’t know why but I really like this scenario.

      Hooray! I haven’t. I read one book by Jessica Shirvington, but couldn’t finish it. I might check it out though (for love of love triangle). xD

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