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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc; how important are these sites to our blogs?

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging, and the book community.

It’s one of the things that people, particularly publishers want to know when we ask for review copies or ARCS. Sometimes we use it to measure our blogs success (although I’m a very firm believer that you shouldn’t completely focus in this aspect. Love the hobby don’t focus much on the numbers).  But my question is how really crucial social media to one’s blog?

Haha, has the trend changed since 2007? Image  © habrahabr.ru

In this modern age most people, predominantly internet savvy has social media accounts, most especially these two giants in the field: Facebook and Twitter. Admittedly I don’t have Facebook (I just don’t like the atmosphere there) but I do have tons of social media sites (like more than 10 different social media accounts but mostly are personal accounts). And sometimes I neglect them. The accounts that I’m actually very active are Twitter and Goodreads although I don’t tweet a lot compare to other people (I think I’ve tweeted about reaching my 5000th tweet this week and that took me five years to achieve, lol, talk about slowpoke).

Before I didn’t see the importance of reaching other people other than my preferred platform which is this blog. And maybe because I was contended of just posting my opinion online without being noticed. And that went for years until recently I decided that it was time to reach other people. To know other bloggers. That maybe it’s much nicer to have people who are unaware of my blog to know Aeropapers and me. At that time I decided to cross-post my reviews over at Goodreads. Then later on I also started promoting my posts via Twitter. I also used other ways so people can read my content like Feedburner and Bloglovin. And it was great decision I’ve made for my blog because in this way I get to reach wider readership. Heck, I even get to tweet albeit short convo with my favorite authors and that’s really big deal for me.

We are in this age where internet is very relevant and important part of communication. In a way it helps us to do more than just what our blog can solely achieve. Aside for the convenience of sharing your content through these mediums, I get to chat with other bloggers and to get to know them in a more personal level. It is important for me because of the benefits I’ll get from it. Still, like the other people said we should be responsible on how to use it. It’s a very powerful medium so we need to use it appropriately.

How about you, are social media very important to your blog? How many social media accounts are you handling right now? What are the benefits do you get using these sites? Care to share it with me? :happy:

2014 / 03 / 27

32 Responses to Bookish Verbosity: How crucial is social media to our blogs?

  1. Social media is incredibly important to me – I use it to keep up with friends, work (I work in literary PR, so yeah) and now I use it for the blog.

    When I first started blogging, I really only shared my posts on Facebook with friends, since I wasn’t entirely sure that I would stick with it. But, I ended up really loving it, so for my next move (like you!) I cross-posted on Goodreads and starting tweeting, especially at authors. So right now I’ve got Instagram (for book hauls), Goodreads, Librarything, Twitter, Facebook, and Bloglovin’! Phew.

    I’ve noticed that I get way more interaction with other readers this way, which I *love.* A side benefit are the hits – but since those aren’t the reason I blog it doesn’t matter much, honestly.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Reading form other bloggers, it looks like social media is really important part of blogging. Especially for you since you need to reach wider audience. The other things like hits and others are just another perks of being social…me thinks. :D

  2. Sophia says:

    I’ve never been a big one for social media, though I am slowly expanding. I have a G+ just because it came with my gmail, and then I just recently got a FB. Goodreads, Twitter, and Bloglovin’ are on my to-do list, especially Twitter (though not a personal one – but one connected to my blog). I’m also thinking of getting a Facebook page for my blog. I’m not really sure, though. I’m hoping that expanding to more social media will increase my blog readership, and, to be honest, that is basically the biggest reason I would join other social media sites.

    On another note, I would like to nominate you for a Liebster award! You have some of the best discussion posts out there and I always look forward to them. Here’s the info on the award: http://ravens-and-writingdesks.blogspot.com/2014/03/liebster-award.html

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I understand the reluctance at first. I’m also that way when I started but i realized it’s nice that people to know my blog and make friends in the process. I think Shanelle is right, we shouldn’t just use for marketing tools but ultimately enjoy using them so it wouldn’t be burden to update. Thanks Sophia (and for the award).

    • Sophia says:

      Increasing readership would be why I JOIN the sites, but then I’d STAY on the sites because I think i’d ultimately enjoy posting (or tweeting) stuff. :-) I also would love to expand my circle of blogging friends. :-D

    • Sophia says:

      And you’re welcome! I hope you have fun with the award!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I don’t know how this thing work, haha. Will look into it later. ;3

  3. Shannelle C. says:

    Social media isn’t really about me getting my blog out, just me using it, haha.

    Goodreads is an obligation of some sorts, and a backup for all my reviews. Twitter’s great, but I’m just a stalker on there. But it’s such a mine of information. I like reading Huffington Post’s tweets because it’s all I need to know about current events. Or some feminist things.

    I don’t classify Feedburner and Bloglovin’s as social media, though, just ways for people to follow your blog.

    And to answer the question that is your title, it is important in getting your blog’s name out there, but it would suck so much to use it merely as a marketing tool. The goal here is to enjoy using those accounts, and enjoying blogging too. No matter how much you market, the blog’s the most important thing!

    AND ASDFGHJKL SWEET PERILLLL. Mitchii, why do you have all the books I want to read? *dies*

    • Shannelle C. says:

      Wait, it’s Sweet Reckoning. FAIL. Already mentioned the book before in a previous comment, but I die every time I see that book in your “currently reading” category.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Why try requesting on EW? I still couldn’t start it because once I started it, I’ll finish it and review it. But I think I’m about to cave in…

    • Shannelle C. says:

      I don’t have good stats. :( But I’ll try.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think, they prefer consistency. I don’t have huge following as well. But all the arcs I requested, I reviewed. This is what I think made Harper pre-approved me with all of their titles.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s a good way to use it. I guess I was tired of hiding blog so I decided to use social media to make friends and putting my blog out there (which still terrifies me for some odd reason).

      Haha, no but a tool, they are effective ways for people to read your content.

      I think it’s not wrong to use it as a tool but solely focusing on that is not really ideal. As you said, we have to enjoy it as well..

      I don’t know why haha! I’m just very lucky with eARCs. :D

  4. I’ve met so many people through Twitter so I definitely really really love it! I have a Facebook page but too be honest, I don’t take much notice of it at all. It’s just there. I don’t have that many social media accounts actually. :O I have a lot less than I thought now that I think about it haha!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I have tons of social media accounts and I don’t know why, haha. But for book blogging, GR and Twitter are for me the most important.

  5. I think social media is incredibly important if you want to reach out to others. It’s not a necessity if you are solely blogging for yourself. I’m terrible at handling multiple social media sites so I mainly use Twitter and Goodreads. Twitter is the best way to interact and make friends, I’ve made so many friends solely based on Twitter. Goodreads, not so much since I use it mainly for indexing.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Agree, I met wonderful people (bloggers, publishers and authors) through twitter. I did meet great people through GR as well. But I mostly concentrate on reviews there. But I try to interact with other bookworms (since some of them are not really bloggers but a big bookworm like us).

  6. I have a personal Facebook I hardly use anymore. I think Twitter and Goodreads are the most essential things when you are a blogger. Twitter is THE place to interact with other bloggers and Goodreads is the best way to gain more attention for your reviews :)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think so, too. I think the communication through twitter is effective and fast, and GR gives us as you said attention to our reviews.

  7. Nikki @ The Paper Sea says:

    Social media is imperative for blogging, I think. Not just as a marketing tool to get your blog out to the correct readership, but also to add that extra layer of personality that I think can sometimes be lost on blogs, when you’re creating content geared towards very specific goals and topics. I don’t think you need to be a member of every single one though, and I actually think the ‘2007’ portion of that comic is still relevant today: Twitter is the biggest tool for blogging, and although I don’t use it as often as other bloggers, I can still see that’s it’s helped both me and my blog more than Facebook and other sites.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      It’s really nice to know people behind the blog, outside of their blog. And just like you I don’t use it as often as others but I think whenever I tweet I put a little bit of myself out there. Twitter is probably my favorite social media site (it is toe to toe with IG), I like how easy and effective it is to express myself there. Thanks Nikki.

  8. As someone who grew up in the social media age, it is important to me, especially as a small blog. I use twitter to advertise my posts on my blog along with my youtube videos, and also use it to follow other blogger and communicate with them, along with authors. Bloglovin is the best thing I ever joined, because there is no way I would ever be able to keep up with all the blogs I follow without it! I also really like Goodreads because it lets me keep track of all the books I’ve read/want to read fairly easily.

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  12. I don’t deny it’s important, but I do try to use social media for myself, and let the blog be secondary to that. It’s why I don’t have a separate Twitter account, when I started my blog I just kept using my personal one. I recently set up a Google+ profile, but I didn’t make a page for my blog. I feel like I can’t be authentic that way.

    The other thing is that everyone always says to not just promote your blog, to share other things, to be yourself… and if I had two separate “personas” then I’d constantly be either double-posting or neglecting one in favor of the other. It’s just easier in my social media to be like, “This is me… and I also have this blog.”

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Me too. It was also the reason why I didn’t create a separate account for my blog and personal use. Plus, I don’t tweet a lot so I don’t think another one is necessary. Thanks Charleen. :D

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  14. I don’t think social media accounts are the be all and end all of blogging, but I definitely think they help. Originally, I just used Twitter to tweet my posts, and follow people. I didn’t interact, and I rarely posted updates. Now, I can barely tear myself away from that website, haha. But I am glad. I’ve met uber awesome people, and found amazing blogs that way :D But I wouldn’t call my account professional or anything. I spend most of my time fangirling on there, but that’s the kind of person I am :D
    I try to be active on Goodreads, but it just doesn’t happen. I mainly use that site to record which books I want to read, and which I’ve read, and which I own etc etc. And also which book I am currently reading. I am going to try harder, though! I want to make Goodreads friends, but every conversation I start dies :(
    I made a Tumblr, and a Facebook for the blog, but they’re not really my priority. I cross post onto them, but so far there has been no interaction.
    One social media platform I really like is BookLikes. It’s such a different experience to Goodreads, and I really think it could take off if people got more involved (*ducks head* I need to get more involved).
    I think the main benefits of sites like these is outreach and exposure. You get to show more people your content, and your personality. Which is great!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I loved Twitter is the fastest and efficient way to update and also get updated. I love GR despite all the drama, I meet wonderful people there (and not just bloggers). 99% of the books I read I found them on GR. So it helps me a lot.

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